Choco-Sil liquid food grade silicone moldmaking rubber

Choco-Sil is a two component silicone elastomer which cures atroom temperature by a polyaddition reaction.This reaction can be accelerated by heat.


Production  of  flexible  moulds  with  excellent  details  reproduction,  mechanical
resistance and duration.

Production of thermal expansion formers for composite materials (the aeronautic industry, 
boat-building, etc.).

Production of moulds intended for moulding objects in chocolate, sugar, marzipan and for producing decorative sugar, pieces of bakery, biscuits and confectionery products.


• Easy processing and curing.
• Outstanding tensile and tear strength.
• Low linear shrinkage (when crosslinked at room temperature).
• Once cured according to the conditions given in this technical data sheet, the chemical
   composition of Choco-Sil conforms with the positive lists of products approved by the    
   regulations in force in the following countries:
- FRANCE: Journal Officiel, Brochure 1227
- GERMANY: BGA, chapter XV-A
- UNITED STATES: FDA Regulations, CFR-2 1


Mixing ratio: A:B = 10:1
Specific gravity at 23°C: aprox. 1,1 g/cm3
Viscosity at 23°C, comp.A 25 000 mPa.s, 
                               comp B   8 000 mPa.s
Pot life at 23°C: 1 hour
Demoulding time at 23 °C: 16 hours
Hardness, on a 6 mm thick specimen: 28 Shore A
Tensile strength: 7.5 MPa 
Elongation at break: 600 %
Tear strength: 20 KN/m
Linear shrinkage,7 days after curing at 23°C: 0,1%

Be aware that contact with certain materials can inhibit the curing of this RTV:
• Natural rubbers vulcanized with sulphur
• Polycondensation RTV catalysed with metal     salts
• PVC stabilizing agents
• Amine cured epoxies
• Sulphur containing clays
In case of doubts, it is recommended to test the substrate by applying a small quantity
of the mixed silicone on a restricted area. Take note that cross contaminations due to improperly cleaned tools or devices is the most frequent cause of inhibition..

Purely for information purposes, migration tests have been carried out on prototype moulds in accordance with this directive. The results obtained showed that:
1. In the special case of moulding of fat based products such as chocolate, the contact
time between the mould and the melted foodstuff must be minimised: e.g. the
duration of contact between the mould and the melted fatty product should not
exceed 2 hours and the mould temperature should not exceed 40 °C.
2. In the case of other foodstuff, the moulds may be used without any particular
precautions in terms of duration of contact and temperature, whilst remaining within
the temperature range compatible with the heat stability of silicone elastomers.
In order to comply with the above mentioned directives, CHOCO-SIL must be mixed in the recommended ratio (A:B 10:1 w/w) and used absolutely without any dilution with silicone oil.

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