Glass-invest binder for glass casting


Ceramic mass for making moulds for glass objects


-       Smooth walls castings

-       Fast solidification
-       Simple demoulding


Dust: water    1 kg : 0,31 -0,32 l
Open time:cca. 14 min
Beginning of bonding: cca. 19 min
End of bonding (coagulation time): cca. 28 min
Viscosity:  cca. 23 dPaS
Drying time before heating: cca. 120 min
Preheating temperature: cca. 900°C
Heating speed: 75°C/h


-       Ideal temperature of the material and water is 18-22°C

-       water temperature over 30° shortens the curing time, lower temperatures prolong it

-       mixing ratio can vary, depending on the complexity of the shape, in the
      above mentioned ratio

-       pour the dust in a weighed amount of water, wait for it to become wet and
      mix thoroughly be careful not to mix in too much air (air bubbles)

-       vacuum if possible

-       dry at room temperature for at least 120 minutes before heating

-       evaporate wax – heat for at least three hours

-       fill the cuvette with glass granules and heat to 900°C

-       at temperature 650°C the wait time is approx. a couple of hours

-       heating time at end temperature is 20-40 hours

-       cooling time is four days

-       there is a wait at 650°C and 470°C
-       demould after room temperature is reached

PACKAGING: 25 kg bag

STORAGE: 6 months in a dry area

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