KONVERTER - rust converter

Water based and quick drying.
Neutralises rust and forms a tough black coating which can be over-coated with a solvent or water based top coat.
Prevents rust re-occurring.
Coverage: 2-3m2 per 250ml.

KONVERTER-Rust Converter stops residual rust, and turns it into a black, protective, ready-to-paint coating, without sanding.
Konverter converts rust into a protective polymeric coating that's ready to go as a primer, and is compatible with most top coats.
Konverter will also seal the surface against moisture to prevent future rust growth.


  -  Just apply to transform the rust
  -  Penetrates faster than other brands
  -  No mixing needed



KONVERTER is recommended for use on all steel surfaces as a rust converter. The product can be used in situations where proper cleaning or sandblasting is difficult. It is recommended that any loose rust be removed with a wire brush and the rusty steel surface washed with high-pressure water to remove excess salt contamination. Brush, roll or spray Konverter with no surface show-through at 75-125 microns wet film thickness.
Brush, roll or spray application is preferred to ensure penetration into the rust.
The coating can be applied to dry or damp surfaces.
A second coat should be applied within 20-30 minutes after the first application to ensure maximum protection.
Allow to dry for 8-12 hours before applying a topcoat.

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